Transformation Tuesday!

Do you ever watch HGTV’s Fixer Upper?  If you are anything like us, the final reveal is what we live for! There is something magical about watching the overall transformation of a home come to fruition. Same goes for painting and rehabbing furniture. Here’s an example! Pictured below is what most would see as an old dilapidated desk.  However what we saw (leisurely strolling through Goodwill on a Saturday afternoon) was a desk fit for a princess…and a great price!

before desk

Its incredible what a little TLC can do! Here are three easy steps you can take to create your own transformation!

First – We strongly suggest giving any item you find a good cleaning before painting. You want to be sure you get all the dust and grime off of the piece, for two reasons. 1. So the paint will adhere and 2. So you don’t get bits of dust and dirt in your fresh can of paint!

Second – Don’t forget about the details! You can make a big change in the simplest of ways. For example on this desk we decided to switch out the handles and paint the inside of the drawers pink to go along with our princess theme.

Third – Don’t be afraid to mix and match! We found the desk, but did not find a matching chair. No problem! We found a chair that had similar dimensions a few days later (again at Goodwill) that worked perfectly! We used upholstery fabric from Hobby Lobby to cover the seat and ta-da! A chair for a princess!

desk chair pink

Lastly – Have FUN and remember its just paint! If you start a project and don’t like the way its going remember you can always repaint it!

Overall we loved the way the desk turned out and it only took a few hours including shopping time!

Desk Afteerdesk after 2

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